The Genie CashBox invention is a proprietary collection of several inventions combining a variety of distributed clients, a centralized cloud and Softswitch which together integrate four powerful technologies: Telecommunications; Television; Internet and Electronic Banking to blend and deliver products and services traditionally purchased from several vendors, on several platforms, into a single seamless service, on one platform. Subscribers, both businesses and individuals, will be able to manage all the services described, on a single interface as one unified solution.

Genie CashBox is an interactive multipoint hub, combining a suite of digital solutions, fully integrating the features of:

Voice mail
Calling Card
Email (GenieMail)
SMS (Genie TXT)
Voice Messaging (VOX)
eWallet to send and receive real-time peer to peer payments (CashBox)
Virtual checking account (GenieCheck),
Both a closed loop and an open loop debit card (Genie CashBox Debit Card)

Through specific and selectable combinations of these features, the Genie CashBox may be tailored to suit the needs of three distinct communities of users:

Merchants - Businesses and individuals engaged in the selling of goods and services.
Agents - Sellers of communications and financial processing services to Merchants
Consumers -
This elegant solution delivers all of these services from a single source on a single platform in a single cloud. The unique approach in this invention is that information moves from process to process on the same platform, rather than from system to system - or even from provider to provider. This approach delivers faster, more tightly integrated services with security, privacy, and safety, at a lower cost than any multi-platform competitors.

The Genie CashBox is a unique eWallet which uses a phone number (UPN) as the account number, and enables users to

store value and maintain a balance
send and receive peer-to-peer payments in real-time
create GenieChecks online which can be used to withdraw funds by cashing or depositing them in any bank account
email GenieChecks to other recipients anywhere
integrate with a Genie CashBox debit card enabling user to access their Genie CashBox funds through ATMs and anywhere the subject debit card is accepted.

The Genie CashBox is a robust eWallet with debit card and checking features which operates as one unified solution. The invention revolves around the single-platform integration of the features listed above, particularly the new GenieCheck, and the special loading and use features:

bill pay
retail and online establishments.

The Genie CashBox was designed to be accessed from any:

internet enabled device
touch tone telephone
Automated Teller Machine
brick and mortar establishments
online merchant
Cable TV.

Finally, the Genie CashBox is designed to fundamentally alter the merchant/consumer relationship as it exists today, by moving purchase and other financial transactions from a "pull" model, wherein a consumer gives a merchant detailed information allowing the merchant to draw money from a consumer's accounts, to a "push" model, where the consumer provides no such information to the merchant, but instead actively sends funds directly to the merchant.

The Genie CashBox is included in the Genie Gateway and is introduced to merchant at a disruptive price point of $9.95 per month, with a $1 trial period for the first month.

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